What’s Hot at SHOT 2022: Media Lodge SHOT Show Video Series

What’s Hot at SHOT 2022: Media Lodge SHOT Show Video Series to Include Product Demonstrations & Added Distribution across Web, Broadcast and OTT

Atlanta, GA – December 16, 2021

Once again, Media Lodge, the Outdoor Industry’s leading digital distribution platform and content studio, promises to deliver the best of SHOT Show to the consumer, building on a library of over 300 past SHOT Show product videos.

Proven Viewership: What’s Hot at Shot returns with an award-winning content production team to cover SHOT Show 2022. The What’s Hot at SHOT video series is an annual production for Media Lodge, reaching over 11.5 million views in the past three years alone. While the SHOT Show event did not happen in 2021, GetZone.com still delivered the latest and greatest products from the industry’s top names, filming product-in-action videos at Media Lodge’s range in Texas.

Live-Action Product Demonstrations: Media Lodge’s What’s Hot at SHOT isn’t limiting coverage only to booths and a studio!  Media Lodge will film products in action at their range in Texas AND at Industry Day at the Range, so product showcase videos will feature live-action, product demonstrations as well as interviews to allow advertisers the most comprehensive display of their new products. 

Video Series Overview:

  • Product Showcase Videos: 2-3 minute product overview with live-action demonstrations.
  • Category Round Up Videos: 4-5 “best of” rifles, pistols, shotguns, gear and more.
  • What’s Hot at Shot (Hunting): a :22 minute hunting product showcase featuring round up videos for broadcast Television and OTT distribution across the seven major OTT platforms.

Increased Focus on Hunting: According to NSSSF, sales of hunting licenses were up 12 percent nationwide in 2020. And more than 1 million new hunters joined in the sport. Many new hunters were women and young people. As hunting grows, so does Media Lodge’s commitment to the sport. GetZoneHunting.com is the destination for hunters – housing hundreds of articles and videos including hunting tips, gear reviews and original series: In the Hunt (whitetail, hog, predator, elk), At the Ranch (whitetail, hog, turkey), Fieldcraft: Destination Africa, and coming soon, FlyZone (waterfowl).

Expanded Distribution Includes Broadcast and OTT: Media Lodge offers the most robust distribution platform in the industry for SHOT Show coverage and new product announcements. The Media Lodge digital network reaches over 40 million hunting and shooting enthusiasts monthly via GetZone.com and partner sites, social media, social influencers, and email. This year’s coverage will also be distributed to seven major OTT partners and Broadcast TV (hunting only) adding up to 59 million TV homes to the Media Lodge platform.

“Cord Cutters, Cord Shavers and Cord Nevers are creating a rush of outdoor enthusiasts toward Media Lodge, including our web streaming, OTT, and broadcast television,” said Jeff Siegel, CEO of Media Lodge.  “The way people are consuming content is changing rapidly, and Media Lodge continues to expand and evolve distribution channels to better serve our advertisers and our users”.  

Media Lodge works with brand partners to create authentic content and custom marketing programs to support the brand’s campaigns and accomplish their defined goals. These partnerships enable brands to create 1-to-1 consumer engagement through Media Lodge’s social media, email, video, display, and sponsored content offerings.

In addition to authoritative content from its Emmy Award-winning content creators, Media Lodge possesses unparalleled expertise in analytics, commerce, and affinity marketing. Access to terabytes of consumer transactional data in the outdoor markets ensures Media Lodge reaches enthusiasts at all stages of the purchase funnel, from awareness through purchase and loyalty.

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