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Media Lodge is the leader in digital marketing for the outdoor and shooting sports industries. At our core, we are a digital distribution platform, content creation studio and advertising sales representation company.

For advertisers, Media Lodge delivers the only firearms-focused digital media platform that was designed to engage millions of shooters, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and conservative consumers at all levels of the purchase funnel. From awareness through purchase and loyalty, we help our advertisers reach this audience in authentic and powerful ways using our digital media solutions like:

  • Websites with original content, sponsored content and banner ads
  • Email marketing with dedicated email and enewsletters
  • Social Media
  • Technology-based ad delivery to custom built audiences while immersed in content, keyword searches or in geo-fences
  • Purpose-specific pixels to track conversions and leads
  • Original Video Content with product placement
  • Influencer Marketing with vetted, reliable and noteworthy personalities
  • Lead generation through technology, sweepstakes and custom programs
  • Custom Programs designed to achieve specific goals

For our publishing partners, like GetZone.com. Guns.com, IMFDB.org, GATDaily.com, Guns&GadgetsDaily.com, AuctionArmory.com, PopularOutdoorsman.com, GunOwnersClub.com, and more, we offer a complete advertising solution to monetize their sites so they can focus on creating content and growing audiences.

For consumers, we feed the need for enthusiast content with a platform of best-in-class firearms websites, emails, videos and new product information. The Media Lodge content studio creates online articles, product reviews, and original video series such as Maggie’s Mission, Maggie’s Minutes, Fly Zone, Whitetail Hunting, Hog Hunting, What’s Hot at SHOT Show, GetZone New Gun Owner TipsPistol Caliber Carbine 101, At the Ranch – Turkey Hunting, The Good FightFinding FearlessThe American New Shooter AcademyAmerican NomadsNew Gear and GunsIn The HuntRange DrillsAt the Ranch – WhitetailAt the Range, 4Outdoors featuring Dog2DogTags, BulletPoints, The Shooting Sports Industry Influencer Series and more.

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Media Lodge delivers the industry’s most engaged outdoor enthusiasts across a vast digital ecosystem. We are vertically integrated to help brands reach and influence enthusiasts in authentic and powerful ways within hunting, shooting, defense, competition, and active lifestyles.

We offer exclusive access to media properties paired with content to connect your brand with hard to reach, active enthusiasts.

  • Hunting
  • Shooting Sports
  • Home Defense
  • Concealed Carry
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Conservative Thought
  • Survival
  • Adventure


Media Lodge integrates brands with active enthusiasts in authentic ways at every step of the purchase.





  • Advertising
  • White Papers
  • Sponsorships
  • Partnerships
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing


Those words are as applicable in marketing as on the shooting range. With Media Lodge’s targeted audiences, you can’t miss your target market.

Exclusive Platforms

Mega Brands

This is the place to access mega-brands such as:

Auction Armory

AuctionArmory.com, a social marketplace serving the firearms community and reaching more than 10,000,000 registered users, has made its email list available for the first time and is exclusive with Media Lodge.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a new online marketplace in the firearms and outdoor space, soon to be the go-to solution for all outdoor product needs – firearms, tactical and hunting gear, gun parts, accessories, and more.

Current Homesteading

From field to farm, get tips and tricks on how to become more self-sufficient and live a healthier life through foraging, livestock management, cooking and gardening.

Freedom’s Lodge

Freedom’s Lodge has only one goal in mind – to help you stay up to date on relevant 2nd amendment news.

GAT Daily

Guns Ammo Tactical Daily is the authority on firearms, news, reviews and more. Regular contests and great information!


From targets to trophies, we’ll get you in the zone. GetZone is the premier online video resource for training, reviews, news, gear, and know-how encompassing all facets of hunting, shooting sports, and personal protection. We do this by creating and curating engaging content from trusted experts and influencers in the field.


Guns.com provides the largest selection of guns for sale online, as well as shooting accessories including ammo, mags, holsters, and more. Our partnership with Guns.com affords us exclusive programs and opportunities.

Guns & Gadgets Daily

Guns and Gadgets is your place for gun and gear reviews, and firearms industry news.

Internet Movie Firearms Database – IMFDB.org

The wiki database of firearms in cinema with nearly 20,000 articles.


PayGenius is the firearms-friendly branded digital payment platform of choice for merchants and gun buyers.

Popular EDC

A website devoted to all things EDC, especially details of the best gear. We have the independent product reviews you seek.

Popular Outdoorsman

From weekend warriors to seasoned sportsman, get the latest on cherished American outdoor traditions.

USA Carry

USACarry.com offers the latest concealed carry info you need to be a responsibly armed citizen including reciprocity maps, state laws, video reviews, articles, forums, and directories.

Media Lodge Firearms Network

The premium network of millions of gun enthusiasts, focusing on self-defense, target shooting, conceal carry, and home defense.




Our exclusive, influential media brands attract huge numbers of individuals drawn together around one shared value: an unbridled passion for the outdoors.




We combine insights from thousands of campaigns with third party analytics and real-time data to allow advertisers to reach the right audience.


It’s our environment. We know your target audience, their habitat and their habits – we’ll take you where they can be found in great abundance. How can  we be so sure? We created all the places – those exclusive brand communities – where these enthusiasts live.


Media Lodge has an extensive knowledge of the enthusiast market. We help advertisers deliver the right message properly to loyal fans.


“MarketPlace Insights” Media Lodge enables advertisers to reach and uniquely engage enthusiasts through our full measure of brand-focused properties.


Operating our own technology platform enables us to capture millions of behavioral data points daily.


Decision-ready information empowers enthusiast businesses with key learnings. Our tools increase operational efficiencies.


We’re able to customize an on-target marketing program to fit your budget. Scalability allows you to purchase not only the right kind of audience, but also the right number for your budget. It’s a windfall for fulfilling your marketing objectives.

It’s Our Environment

We know your target audience, their habitat and their habits – we’ll take you where they can be found in great abundance. How can we be so sure? We created all the places – those exclusive media brand communities – where these enthusiasts live.

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Jeff Siegel CEO



Christen Everly President



Katey Powers Vice President of Sales

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Christina Myers Director of Operations



Tatiana Garcia Email Marketing Strategist


Kevin Kolenda Sales Manager

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