Media Lodge Introduces “What’s Hot in Freedom” Designed to Close the Social Distance Gap

Wilton, CT – March 19, 2020

COVID-19 may have prevented our industry from connecting with people in Nashville next month, but Media Lodge can still help you stay in front of customers.

“What’s Hot in Freedom” will utilize Media Lodge’s unprecedented network access to the outdoor industry with a reach of 40m+ monthly users, 4m+ social followers and 5 million email subscribers to ensure the new product announcements still reach your consumers. A strategic mix of syndicated product reviews, Facebook Live, and banner ads as well as dedicated emails, will increase new product awareness and sales despite the absence of the physical event in Nashville.

“What’s Hot in Freedom” offers the chance to:

  • Convey a hands-on experience with your new firearms
  • Conduct your celebrity and brand ambassador appearances
  • Syndicate those high-quality videos you produced for your booth
  • Connect with your base — core consumers
  • Stand as an esteemed member of the firearms community in the presence of other high-profile industry companies  
  • Allow for the consumer interaction with your company staff that builds brand affinity
  • Increase your sales 
  • Benefit the NRA’s fundraising and membership efforts

“In our new reality of marketing in a socially distanced world, Media Lodge has created the “What’s Hot in Freedom” program,” said Christen Everly, Media Lodge president.  “Our goal is to offer our advertisers the chance to connect with consumers in ways they’re missing out on with event cancellations nationwide”.

What's Hot in Freedom Media Lodge Program

The Program:

  • A new section on, called “What’s Hot in Freedom,” will feature your videos of new products. These can be videos you produced for your booth, reviews we have or will create, videos you create with messages from your celebrities and brand ambassadors, and videos from our stable of reliable influencers.
  • A 2-hour Live Facebook event, called “What’s Hot in Freedom,” will be hosted by Sootch00 on Thursday, 4/16/2020 from 8-10 pm. Each participating manufacturer will have a 5-7 minute segment in which they can discuss their new products with Sootch00 or to have Sootch00 introduce the products himself.  
  • Daily “What’s Hot in Freedom” Dedicated Email, one dedicated email per day from April 16-19, will feature 5 new products that are available for consumers to buy now. 
  • Ecommerce: We’ll make buying easy by implementing ad banner overlays on all videos in the “What’s Hot in Freedom” section. Overlays will link to the eCommerce URL of your choice where consumers can buy now. We’ll also create a dedicated links page within the section that spotlights the products featured and offering links to purchase. 
  • Banner ad campaigns support awareness for each manufacturer’s new product messaging. 
  • Some of the packages include the opportunity to host your own “What’s Hot in Freedom” Charity Auction on to raise funds for NRA and help bridge the funding gap left by the cancellation of the annual meetings. 
  • “Join NRA Now” and “Donate to NRA Now” buttons within the section and sites will assist in NRA development efforts.

Contact the Sales Team today to inquire about the “What’s Hot in Freedom” Packages:

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