Why Changing Your Approach Will Make You a Better Outdoor Industry Marketer


 Marketing Looks Different Today

It’s evident that marketing and advertising in the outdoor recreation and shooting sports industry have evolved. The age of enjoying measurable sales after running a full-sized print ad in a popular enthusiast magazine, or placing a 30-second commercial on a primetime outdoor cable television show is long gone. Today’s environment is more complex, and, it’s loaded with challenging roadblocks at every turn.



The Evolution of Marketing in the Outdoor Industry

Everything from traditional demographics to how people consume media has changed, and along with those changes, the products themselves are more sophisticated. Enjoying measurable campaign results is an eternal struggle for marketing professionals in any industry, but it’s even harder in the outdoor industry where more and more content restrictions are popping up all the time.


We’ve all heard the news about Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube shutting down accounts without so much as the blink of an eye. Entire revenue streams are disrupted for content providers and companies dependent on those platforms for their brand and product visibility. And as platform content policies change, we as marketers, pay the price with limited access to the audiences we need desperately to reach.


Stating the Obvious

The anecdote about putting all your eggs in one basket applies here too. Vary your marketing approach the way you diversify your 401k investments. The most cost-effective way to spread your message is by focusing only on the people who fit your target audience profile and those most likely to buy. Spend dollars by engaging only those people with authentic and compelling content.


Snags Everywhere…

Conventional methods of print and cable television advertising cast a large net over a small pond. Why spend so much money on that real estate, when you can charter a craft that puts the fish you crave right on your plate? You already know digital is the future of marketing, so what’s the hesitation?


If you can’t promote sponsored content on digital platforms, how do you influence the people you need to communicate with? How do you encourage them to engage with your brand, product, or service? How do you prove your own worth as a marketer if you can’t get your message to the people who matter most?


Statistics Overload

There’s no shortage of charts, graphs, and infographics proclaiming the death of traditional media in favor of the digital revolution. Is that so bad? Measurement is a tool you need in your kit in order to prove your plan worked. And with digital, analytics are guaranteed. Use them to your advantage.



When Change Works

We’re all looking for that silver bullet to solve our problems, and digital marketing delivers solutions with tactical precision. Through social media, email, video, display advertising, and sponsored content offerings you reach your audience at any stage of the purchase funnel; from awareness, to purchase, and even brand loyalty.  


Reaching the outdoor recreation and shooting sports audiences can be frustrating and sometimes wasteful with the old-fashioned methods, but now marketing managers and brands speak to the high-spending crowd in a much more genuine voice and in turn, capture the most highly sought-after consumers.


Which Path to Take

A proven, turnkey solution for marketing directors, media buyers, and strategic planners is Media Lodge. Through our powerful media platforms that include multiple digital distribution platforms, a state-of-the-art content creation studio, and sales representation dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts, Media Lodge offers the outdoor industry’s best targeted, authentic audience at scale.



The Media Lodge digital landscape features 300+ exclusive websites, expansive social media and email platforms, e-commerce engines, mobile-optimized digital video channels, and a wide offering of exclusive original digital video programs.


Why Should You Care?

Because Media Lodge enjoys more than 40 million unique monthly web visitors and over 250 million monthly impressions across those platforms with your target audience. Those hard-to-reach people are exactly who you need to reach.


Case Study:

RUGER Sponsorship of Media Lodge Original Video Series

Ruger’s title sponsorship of the original digital video series, RUGER AMERICAN NEW SHOOTER ACADEMY has earned: more than 10 MILLION impressions and 2.5 MILLION video views! [Firearms trainer Daniel Shaw educates four participants with little-to-no-firearms exposure to help them become confident and competent with a handgun.]

This show represents just one example of Media Lodge programming. There are many opportunities to gain visibility for your brand through Media Lodge properties.





Media Lodge’s data-driven approach to content creation and distribution fosters content delivery to millions of targeted and consistent views, while at the same time providing the detailed metrics you need as a marketer to move the needle and experience success for your campaigns.

Call Media Lodge today and take the credit you deserve for catapulting your brand to the next level.

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