Media Lodge delivers the industry’s most engaged outdoor enthusiasts across a vast digital ecosystem. We are vertically integrated to help brands reach and influence enthusiasts in authentic and powerful ways within fishing, shooting, camping, motorsports and active lifestyles.

We offer exclusive access to media properties paired with content to connect your brand with hard to reach, active enthusiasts.

Motivating Purchase

Media Lodge delivers your targeted, tailored message to tens of millions of enthusiast buyers each month. With unparalleled expertise in web commerce, affinity marketing and access to terabytes of consumer transactional data in the hunting, shooting sports, fishing, camping and motorsports niches, Media Lodge can package an effective and efficient program to accomplish your goals.

Media Lodge integrates your brand with active enthusiast audiences at every step on the purchase path.

      Access the best enthusiast websites
      Speak to enthusiasts in an authoritative, unique voice
      Achieve your objectives through customized programs


Moving buyers through the purchase funnel requires solid understanding of the path to purchase, as well as the triggers that motivate behavior. Media Lodge can tailor a program aimed squarely at your buyers in every stage of the purchase cycle using powerful, proven tools.


Those words are as applicable in marketing as on the shooting range. With Media Lodge’s clustered audience, you can’t miss hitting your target market.



Mega Brands

This is the place to access mega-brands such as:


The world’s largest online firearms auction site.

Get Zone

The outdoor industry’s top content creators to bring you the definitive video content platform for the outdoor industry.

50 Campfires

The Camping Authority.

GunUp Media

The premium network of millions of gun enthusiasts, focusing on self-defense, target shooting, conceal carry, and home defense.

FFL Unleashed

Reaching more than 20,000 FFL stocking dealers.

Internet Movie Firearms Database

The wiki database of firearms in cinema with nearly 20,000 articles.

Concealed Nation

Promoting Responsible and Legal Concealed Carry.

The Truth About Guns

Exploring the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns. Reaching more than 2 million unique visitors each month.



Our exclusive, influential media brands attract huge numbers of individuals drawn together around one shared value: an unbridled passion for the outdoors.




We’re able to customize an on-target marketing program to fit your budget. Scalability allows you to purchase not only the right kind of audience, but also the right number for your budget. It’s a windfall for fulfilling your marketing objectives.


Media Kits

Media Lodge Media Kit GunBroker.com Media Kit 50Campfires Media Kit FFL Unleashed

To find out more about our exclusive properties, download the media kits. For a tailored program that will achieve your business goals, contact one of our team members.

It’s Our Environment

We know your target audience, their habitat and their habits – we’ll take you where they can be found in great abundance. How can we be so sure? We created all the places – those exclusive media brand communities – where these enthusiasts live.

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